ILAE British Young Epilepsy Section (YES)

Who we are

We want to deliver the global values, and aims of the ILAE Young Epilepsy Section (YES) tailored to young epilepsy professionals in the UK.  ILAE British YES is a friendly, transparent and lively group of early-career professionals working in epilepsy research or the care of people with epilepsy.  ILAE British YES wants to enable networking, provide specific training opportunities and provide a voice to our needs within the ILAE British Chapter.

National Epilepsy Awareness Week 2023 – ILAE British YES Video

Board Members


Dr Gareth Morris – Chair

I am a Senior Research Fellow at University College London, funded by Epilepsy Research UK. My work is focused on biophysical and molecular mechanisms of epilepsy, as well as developing advanced therapeutics. As part of the British YES Board, I look forward to building a thriving and collaborative community of researchers and healthcare professionals. Outside of the lab I am a big football fan and enjoy languages and food.

Twitter: @garethmorris5

Dr Maria Gogou – Vice-Chair

I am a paediatrician and paediatric neurologist working in the UK since 2019. Currently, I hold the post of Clinical Fellow in Paediatric Epilepsy at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital. I have a PhD in the field of epilepsy and sleep disorders. My main research interests are focused on complex and rare epilepsies, clinical trials and novel genetic treatments. As Vice-Chair, my role is to support the Chair in all their responsibilities, especially when interacting with other internal and external organisations. I am excited to work with the rest of the Board and enhance the role of ILAE British YES, creating opportunities for all young members to network, collaborate and thrive. And apart from epilepsy, I am a cinema lover and can spend hours doing street photography.

Twitter: @MariaGogou6


Dr Faye McLeod – Treasurer

I am an Epilepsy Research UK Emerging Leader Fellow in the Faculty of Medical Sciences at Newcastle University, where I use human brain tissue to explore the mechanisms behind early-onset genetic epilepsies. I have been actively researching the cellular basis of epileptogenesis since I obtained my PhD at the University of Glasgow in 2012. I am excited to be part of the ILAE British YES board to help build a vibrant network of early-career professionals working in epilepsy. My role as Treasurer is to deal with all our financial transactions and coordinate events. In my spare time, I love to dance, cycle and ‘attempt’ to cook 🙂

Twitter: @fayemcloud9

Dr Jack Garlovsky – Communications

I am a paediatric clinical neuropsychologist. I have worked in epilepsy across the life span. I currently work at Leeds Children’s Hospital and at the University of Sheffield, as well as in independent practice. My research interests are in psychological adjustment to life-long conditions, cognition in epilepsy and functional neurological presentations. I look forward to supporting the incorporation of psychological aspects of epilepsy to the ILAE British YES and continue to diversify the membership. My role on the ILAE British YES board involves creating and managing internal and external communications for the group and the board. I enjoy cooking/baking (and eating), listening to live music and going to the cinema.

Twitter: @jackgarlovsky