Webinars and Symposia


During 2020 the ILAE ran a successful webinar series, made possible by an unrestricted education grant from Bial Pharma.

Recordings of previous webinars can be found here:

Webinars are free to members of the ILAE British Branch, and a code will be required to access them. For the code, please email the membership office on: members@ilaebritish.org.uk

We are in the process of planning a new set of webinars from February 2021 onwards. More details to follow.


ILAE British Branch will be marking both International Epilepsy Day on Monday 8th February and Purple Day – Epilepsy Awareness Day on Friday, March 26th respectively, with two sets of webinars. 

The webinars for both days will be from 1730hrs-1930hrs.

The programme for 8th February will be:

Covid and its effects on epilepsy care

Professor Arjune Sen, Consultant Neurologist, University of Oxford 

Advances in epilepsy surgery

Professor Andrew McEvoy, Consultant Neurosurgeon, UCLH/National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery

Genetic testing in epilepsy – who, why and when? 

Dr Amy McTague, Honorary Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Great Ormond Street Hospital

The programme for March 26th will be:

Epilepsy and the child

Professor Helen Cross, Great Ormond Street

What are the challenges in epilepsy care in the UK?

Professor Phil Smith, University of Wales, Cardiff 

Advances in epilepsy care

Professor Matthew Walker, UCLH/IoN

Webinar Registration

Registration is now open for both webinars.

Click here to register for the 8th February. If you previously registered for our 2020 Webinar Series, you do not need to register again. Unless you opt out, registration will continue forward and you will receive event reminders and links ahead of the event. Registration is restricted to members of the ILAE British Branch, and registrants must be health care professionals, clinical or basic science researchers/ academics.
Click here to register for the 26th March. Registration is unrestricted, open to all.


After the cancellation of our 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting we have offered to our sponsoring companies the opportunity to send pre-recorded symposia content which will be available to watch on https://ilaebritishsymposia.org.uk

We will put the symposia online as and when they become available. Each symposium will be available online for five months. We have received two symposia from GW and UCB, respectively, details of which are below. 

GW Pharma Symposium

This symposium brings together international experts to discuss the management of patients with GW Cannabidiol in seizures associated with Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, in conjunction with clobazam, from ages 2 years and above. This will include sharing clinical experience, considerations for starting and maintaining patients as well as management of adverse events.

The expected outcome of the presentation being that health care professionals would be educated and informed by a group of experts on the use of GW cannabidiol.

Prescribing Information can be found on:  https://www.emcpi.com/pi/37042

UCB Pharma Symposium

We are delighted to invite you to view this UCB sponsored on demand webinar discussing generalised tonic-clonic seizures in epilepsy. 

The session is opened by a presentation from Dr Manuel Toledo, Vall d’Hebron Hospital, Barcelona, where he discusses the burden and unmet need in his talk; ‘How Soon is Soon Enough for Patients with Generalised Tonic-Clonic Seizures?’ 

His presentation is then followed by lively discussion and clinical case presentations from Professor Philippe Ryvlin, Lausanne University Hospital, Switzerland and Professor John Paul Leach, Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow, UK. 

We hope you enjoy this 30 minute webinar.

Symposia Registration

Symposia are available free of charge to both members and non-members. However, due to pharmaceutical company regulations these are restricted to professionals working in clinical settings, clinical research or basic science.

To register, and access a link for the videos please follow the link: https://ilaebritishsymposia.org.uk

Please note we will need to check eligibility before sending an access link/code.The ILAE British Branch has received unrestricted educational funds to be able to make these symposia available, and we are very grateful to GW Pharma and UCB Pharma Ltd. for this funding.