2023 ILAE British Branch Annual Scientific Meeting

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The 2023 ILAE British Branch Annual Scientific Meeting will be held at The SAGE, Gateshead, between Monday 2nd October – Wednesday 4th October.

Please find below the link to the conference website giving details of the programme, online registration, and online abstract guidelines and Gowers Award entry details.


Programme topics include:

  • What’s new? SC -moving towards personalised medicine? / Prognosis and drug resistance in JME/ Acute seizure risk in patients with encephalitis/ Update on driving regulations
  • White matter matters
  • Epilepsy, cognitive impairment, neurodegeneration
  • Mitochondria: Disorders and epilepsy
  • Excellence in Epilepsy Award lecture
  • Teaching session:  EEG – is it always the gold standard?
  • Poster viewing session
  • Platform presentations (general and ILAE/ Epilepsy Research UK neurobiology of epilepsy)
  • Neurosurgery network meeting

Registration and registration rates


CPD accreditation is being applied for.